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Pencil Waterproof Long Lipsticks Matte Makeup Sexy Lipstick D Sonnena Color lasting Crayon Velvet Clearance Design new facilities for energy efficiency—and lower operational costs.

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Crayon Clearance Velvet Matte lasting Waterproof Sonnena Lipsticks D Color Long Lipstick Makeup Sexy Pencil Matte Makeup Sonnena Velvet Clearance Lipsticks Sexy D Color Long Lipstick lasting Waterproof Crayon Pencil The Design Assistance Program provides design professionals, builders, developers and building owners with energy-saving options for the design of new buildings. In addition, the program offers incentives to design teams and to building owners, which can be used to reduce the upfront cost of high efficiency measures that exceed Wisconsin energy code requirements.

This program works with new construction and major renovation projects for buildings over 5,000 square feet.

Measures typically considered during the whole-building energy analysis include:

  • Improved wall assembly
  • Improved roof assembly
  • Improved window/glazing assembly
  • Lipstick Sonnena Color Long Pencil Matte Lipsticks Clearance Makeup lasting Crayon Sexy Velvet Waterproof D HVAC system improvements
  • Fan and pump improvements
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  • Automated daylighting controls
  • Other lighting controls
  • Makeup Long Crayon lasting Lipsticks Clearance Lipstick Pencil Color Matte Velvet Sexy Waterproof Sonnena D Waterproof Color lasting Makeup Sexy Matte Long Pencil Sonnena Clearance Lipstick Crayon Lipsticks D Velvet Lighting design to reduce lighting power densities
  • Conditioning of outside air strategies
  • Service water heating improvements

Incentive Structure

Design teams will receive an incentive of $0.016/kWh saved to $0.019/kWh saved depending on the level of effort required by the program. The incentive is intended to help offset the costs associated with the program participation. 

Sexy Matte Waterproof Clearance Sonnena Crayon Pencil Lipstick Color Velvet D Lipsticks lasting Long Makeup Building owners will receive an incentive based on forecasted energy savings and estimated incremental costs. The incentive rate is $0.13/kWh and $0.75/therm.

Program Eligibility and Requirements

  • Crayon Waterproof Sonnena Sexy Color Velvet D Matte Lipsticks Clearance Pencil Lipstick Long lasting Makeup Potential building types include all commercial and industrial buildings as well as multifamily buildings with four or more units.
  • Buildings must be served by a participating Wisconsin electric or natural gas utility.
  • Matte Waterproof Pencil Sexy Makeup Lipstick D lasting Clearance Velvet Crayon Long Color Lipsticks Sonnena New buildings include free-standing buildings, adaptive reuse, substantial renovations and major additions to existing buildings.
  • The minimum project size is 5,000 square feet for typical building uses. Additional requirements may apply for mixed-use space or some type of facilities.
  • Other qualification criteria may be established on a case-by-case basis. Projects must also meet the program timing requirements to qualify.


  1. A Design Assistance Program representative will contact you within two business days to discuss your project and determine if your building is a good fit for the program.

  2. Once accepted into the program, you’ll receive a customized analysis to assist with energy efficiency decisions and information regarding potential owner incentives. Design team incentives are provided upon completion of the analysis.

  3. D Lipstick Clearance Sonnena Waterproof Long Color Matte Velvet Pencil Makeup Lipsticks Sexy lasting Crayon After the building has been completed, the implementation of the energy efficiency measures will be verified by Focus on Energy. At this time, the building owner will receive financial incentives.

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